Marketing Seminars
Bliss offers seminars on all topics relevant to improving sales ranging from one hour to full day seminars.  Or we can customize a seminar based on your organizations needs.

Loan Officer Training
Do your loan officers need motivation and marketing skills to bring more loans in the door? Give your team the skills to succeed in this competitive market by having Bliss be a part of your next sales training.

Mortgage Coaching

Next Best Thing Mortgage Coaching
Affordably bring focus and commitment to your marketing and business.

One-on-One Personal Coaching
A solution for all loan originators who want to grow both personally and professionally!


If you are looking for someone to bring excitement, motivation and energy to your next meeting, you will find this with Bliss Sawyer of Mortgage Marketing Strategies.  Because of her experience and love of the mortgage industry, Bliss relates with audiences in a way that motivates them to improve their marketing and relationship strategies.  Increasing production is a natural by-product!


"Education is key to your success as a mortgage originator.  Gone are the days when you could answer the phone, fill out a few papers and enjoy a full pipeline.  Evolution has grabbed hold of our industry and those not willing to move with it in knowledge and skills will be left waiting for the phone to ring."   - Bliss Sawyer  

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