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Thank you for coming to Maine for the MAMB event !   It was great to hear you speak and very encouraging hearing so many original, thoughtful, and unique marketing ideas during both of your presentations!  So many times we attend “motivational seminars” that are not motivational, but redundant, re-hashed bits and pieces of other’s books or tapes. 

Your presentations were full of useful ideas that are easily implemented… and so simple and logical.  I know I’m not the only one that walked away from your presentations with renewed optimism and a different perspective on marketing myself and my business.  Thank you!

Thanks again,

Dan Loan, Harbor View Lending Group, Windham, ME.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with other Mortgage Coaches in the industry and I am proud to say that Bliss Sawyer is by far the most knowledgeable and most professional of all the Mortgage Coach’s Apex Lending has worked with in the past.  What Bliss brings to the table is actionable ideas and methods that Loan Officers can put right to work to help them close more loans.  I highly recommend Bliss Sawyer as a Mortgage Coach to individuals and/or mortgage companies.  I believe Bliss can help you close more loans with her programs in a short period of time.

Furthermore, it was a pleasure working with Bliss Sawyer.

Skip Battaglia, Apex Lending

Bliss Sawyer is one of the greatest marketing minds in the mortgage industry today.  Her cutting edge marketing strategies and fresh ideas will move you closer to accomplishing your goals faster than you ever thought possible.  The best of all...she's a proven top producer with a heart for helping others to succeed at their highest level. I highly recommend anyone looking for great mortgage marketing strategies that turn a profit...look no further than Bliss Sawyer!
David Bush
Founder and President

I have been to many, many seminars in the last 30 years and most times the information makes me think
that it is too hard to change my way of doing business.  Your ideas were "back to the basics" for an experienced loan officer and that reminds me to do what I know I should be doing.  Keep it up...I think basic people skills will always be just what they are and have been about-SERVICE and we all need a reminder to get back on track!

Debbie Andersen -
Loan Officer
You have gotten me focused on keeping on track and making goals for myself. I have never put together a sales plan and never actually knew what I had to accomplish to be where I want to be. Now I know!!  I LOVE to be busy and feel productive.  I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done with your coaching.  
Robin Brunson - Loan Officer
Greater Nevada Mortgage Services
Thanks a million for being on our program!  Your engaging style and to-the-point information was extremely well received.  Bravo Bliss!
Doug Smith

Doug Smith and Associates

Bliss Sawyer consistently brings fresh insight to lenders wanting to improve their marketing and production.  She understands the value of relationship building, which is critical to anyone that wants to succeed in this business.
Barry Habib -
CEO, Mortgage Market Guide

I believe that when sales get slow you have to look at yourself in the mirror and get back to the basics of offering value to your clients. Bliss Sawyer ’s Mortgage Marketing Strategies hits the nail on the head! There is no mysticism in a sales call. Bliss gives you the down to earth, fair, caring and honest approach to building relationships to help you make more money in the mortgage business!
Jack Getter

I really enjoyed your presentation to us.  You put it in simple, little chunks.  We have already had a surge in activity from this and got into a Realtor's office that we wouldn’t let us present prior…so that is super!  Thanks again for everything…there was not one wasted bit of information! 
 Becky Peterson - Vice-President
 Reedsburg Bank

Thank you for your superb articles and marketing strategies!  
Predrag Kopun

Bank of the West

A great talent in the training business!  Bliss Sawyer gives originators innovative marketing strategies that will help them succeed in this competitive market.  Every loan officer should be taking advantage of her wealth of knowledge through her articles, newsletter, seminars and training.
Sue Woodard
- Vice President
Mortgage Market Guide

Even though I produced 89 million last year – I realize that this year will be different and I need to have the tools to keep my business thriving.  Bliss’s seminar gave me the excitement and ideas to do this. 
Paul Christensen -
Branch Manager
I have found your marketing programs to be the most beneficial of all the programs I have purchased.  Thanks!
Ileana de la Parte - Paramount Funding
Bliss' unique perspective and valuable insight into how to market home loans were very well received by our conference attendees.
Brian K. Foltz
- Marketing Director
CU Members Mortgage  
Bliss' energy and enthusiasm to add value to the lives of people in the mortgage industry is contagious. I enjoy the abundance mentality that Bliss effuses. Thanks for making a difference, Bliss.
Don Dalrymple -
Exec. Business Coach and President
J Payne Mortgage
As a Real Estate Agent, I was blown away by the mortgage service Bliss Sawyer has provided.  Her marketing skills and knowledge have consistently been above other lenders.  Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of loan officers and found Bliss to be one of the few that help my business to grow.  She makes me look like a star.   
Paul Teasdale
I went to this seminar immediately after finishing a one day a week sales course lasting 11 weeks.  Mortgage Marketing Strategies 3 hour seminar was of greater value to me than 55 hours of the other, more expensive training! 
Diane Reese
Loan Officer
Security Home Mortgage
Over the past 13 years, I have witnessed Bliss's marketing techniques and unique personable approach in action.  Every loan officer from the least experienced to top producer can gain value from her presentation.  This simple and effective marketing system is adaptable and easy for everyone to put into action.  
K. Bruce Sorensen

Former President of Utah Mortgage Lenders Association  

I met Bliss 13 years ago and was amazed at how quickly she rose as a top producer by creating her own innovative marketing systems.  Bliss understands the importance of educating ourselves with the nuts and bolts of financing as well as developing interpersonal skills.  She is an energetic, highly skilled, and a brilliant woman.  Loan officers cannot help but become higher quality and higher producing professionals by following her instructions. 
Leslie Petersen President
Mortgage Educators

If you want out-of-the-box marketing tips that you can use immediately, I recommend that you listen to Bliss' advice.  It's the perfect way to jumpstart your mortgage business with her marketing ideas.
Karen Deis


I find Bliss to be readily accessible and absolutely committed to helping loan originators reach their highest potential. Her material is easy to use, practical, and reasonably-priced. I recommend it to my students around the country. 
Christopher Cruise
Thanks for the training!  Your slogan “Don’t work longer – work smarter” is something I believe in very much.  Planning your day and using time efficiently is so important.  I see people get into this business and fail because they spend way too much time doing things that are unproductive. 
Doug Dabarko
- Mortgage Consultant
Greater Nevada Mortgage Services
Bliss hired me as a new loan officer with no experience.  Bliss enjoyed sharing her marketing ideas and was constantly helping others to succeed.  Six years later, I am now a top producer and will always be grateful for the training and experience she passed along. 
Campbell - Loan Officer
Citiline Mortgage
I used the gas giveaway idea last Saturday – huge response from my database and about 4 solid leads from people just walking up wanting to know what was going on!  I look forward to receiving your newsletter because I know it will help increase my business!  Thanks for the ideas, Bliss!!  
Liz Peter
 - Loan Officer
American Home Mortgage
I just wanted to Thank You for the information I received while taking your course.  I have taken several other courses that were very expensive, with little results.  I implemented several of your ideas and am getting positive results from my clients as well as realtors.  Thanks for putting together a course that applies to mortgage professionals.  
Brent Crockett
Loan Officer
I have used Bliss' tools for marketing to realtors in my area. They work! I have received many referrals as a result of using Bliss' great marketing strategies. I highly recommend Bliss Sawyer's Mortgage Marketing Strategies to the beginner and the seasoned loan officer. She is a great talent!  
Sandra Scott -
Loan Officer
CityBank Mortgage
Bliss is not only a teacher, trainer, and coach, she is also a passionate student of life who models integrity, service to others, compassion, leadership, care, and character. It doesn't take a person long to realize she is one of the very best in our industry and is committed to making a lifelong difference.  
Jeff Payne
- Chairman
JPayne Mortgage
This seminar was the best three hours I've spent on my business in a long time!  
Jon Chamberlain -
Security Home Mortgage
I am a fairly new loan officer and have struggled to have a consistent production level.  This seminar gave me so many great ideas, I will never run out of new ways to find business.  It works! 
Welch - Loan Officer
I never knew my mom was so cool.  - Kayla Sawyer Your materials are great!  I have increased my pipeline by 50% in less than 30 days!  
Joe Conner
Mortgage Capital and Investment LLC

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